Teaching my children programming IV

First class for Jazmin, 7 and Natan, 6.

We went over the very basics of math using Node. How to add and substract numbers mainly.

They were excited to see that the computer is able to process 123791237+1238933 just as fast as 3+2. The result didn't matter, just the fact that they are doing cool things. We also 'added' text which resulted in things like HelloJazmin.

We also went over what a variable is and how you can assign values to it:

a = 1;
b = 4;
name = "Jazmin";

And then we did operations on variables instead of values:

a + b;
greetings + " " + name;

We also went over comparisons with == and the concept of true and false. Also an example of an if statement.

Natan is struggling a little bit with typing commands since he is not super familiar with the keyboard or letters in general, let alone symbols like == or +.

I don't think much will be remembered, but if I can make them feel like they had fun "programming" then it's a win. Jazmin has been asking when the next programming class is.