Teaching my children programming III

For this session I will go a bit deeper on data types. We are mixing numbers and strings and seeing the result. I decided to stay with Node for the time being. We'll see how this goes.

We also jump to a text editor. I decided to go with nano so that we stay in the terminal. They seem to be comfortable in it and don't want to start teaching an IDE or even a sophisticated text editor. With nano it's just CTRL+O and CTRL+X.

I show them how to run a file through node and I get this:

$ node DadIsUgly

It runs, so it must be right.

They still seem to have fun which is a good sign. I want to keep this momentum as much as possible. I find myself pushing them to sit down in front of the computer but once there they don't want to stop.

It's important that I'm keeping these lessons short and sweet. Thirty minutes, forty at most.

Tomorrow Elisa has other activities and won't be around and said "don't have a programming lesson without me!" That feels good! I don't know if we'll be able to keep up with having lessons this often, though.